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Simplify your big day

  • Take the stress out of planning one of the most important days of your life with Wedding Planner for iPad.
  • It enables you to plan your budget, organise your guest list, record details of your vendors, plus much more, all from one beautifully intuitive app.
  • Keeping on top of your wedding plans couldn't be simpler! Using Wedding Planner for iPad is the easiest way to ensure even the smallest details aren't forgotten.

What is Wedding Planner for iPad?

Wedding Planner for iPad is a great new iPad app aimed at taking the stress out of organising your big day. Designed specifically for the iPad's large touch screen, managing every aspect of your wedding plans is incredibly easy and a pleasure thanks to the simplicity and attractive interface design of the app.

A whole heap of features!

Wedding Planner for iPad is full to the brim with features that allow you to plan every aspect of your wedding, from the guest list to your colour scheme. Everything is available from the main dashboard, which shows you a summary of the key aspects of your special day.

Wedding Planner Dashboard Screenshot Guest List Feature Screenshot Day Schedule Feature Screenshot Colour Scheme Feature Screenshot Notes Feature Screenshot Seating Plans Screenshot


Budget Planner

One of the first steps in planning your wedding is setting your budget, detail what you expect to spend on each item so you know how much you'll need to save. Your available budget will update automatically as you add and update vendors.

Guest List

Keep track of the guests you've invited, if they're an all day or evening only guest, whether they've RSVP'd or not, plus record any other notes for each guest such as any special dietary needs.

To-Do List

Need a place to record a list of things you need to do? Then the to-do list is just the feature you need, add each to-do item as needed then tick them off once complete.

Vendors List

You will need to book lots of companies to supply services for your wedding, make a note of them here to track costs, how much you've paid and how much you still need to pay. Add anything you've spent money on so you know exactly how much your wedding is costing you.

Colour Schemes

Get inspiration for your colour scheme by exploring the sample colours, or by selecting colours using the colour picker to choose any colour from millions of possibilities.

Thank You's

After the wedding you might want to thank your guests for gifts you've received or for their help on the day. With the Thank You's screen you can quickly make a note as you open your gifts so you don't forget who's given you what. This makes writing your thank you notes quick and easy.

Day Schedule

Making your big day run smoothly is all down to careful planning of what happens at what time. Having the key people in your party know this schedule will help everything go to plan. Use the day schedule to detail when things should happen throughout the day, export it, then give it to these key people.

Seating Plans

Planning your seating arrangements couldn't be easier than with this app. You can add tables and other objects, move them around, rotate them and allocate guests from your guest list to specific seats. You can also create multiple plans, so you can explore different options or plan for multiple rooms or events.


With this feature you can quickly create post-it style notes, drag to move them around the screen or tap to quickly organise them into a grid. It works just like an interactive notice board and will essential in helping you plan your big day.

Plus more

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